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December 2006



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Dec. 6th, 2006


(no subject)

Heheheh I was doing stuff around the house and then I recieve an email from Stefanie sending me a nudge. I guess not writing in 2 months in here a couple people do miss me. Hehe!!

Well I do have a couple updates!:)

*As many of you know I been trying very hard to recieve my diploma, and finally I am happy to say I am a highschool graduate.
* I am waiting for my diploma to arrive on Dec.12 so I can register for college. I am going to major in Education.
* I was dating a boy I was really into for 2 months and then we ended things. Then, a friend of mine( who is no longer my friend) fucked me over w/ him because she started flirting w/ him knowing me and him just ended things. Yea!
*I have a circle of friends @ this point in my life that I am very happy w/ and love to death :)
* These past 2 months I have gone through many friends who have fucked me over. But it's ok it has only made me stronger as person. FUCK THEM. I don't need them.
* I got a new piercing.. I got my cartilage and my 2nd hole! I love it
* I am getting my FIRST tattoo next friday. I can't wait!! I am getting a flower and a bee! BEE because everyone calls me Bee. So this tattoo does mean something to me.
*I am having a lot of problems @ work w/ my manager.. he is a lazy fuck! He dosn't want to order anything for us to do w/ the kids. We go to the basketball courts.. but we don't have basketballs.. why? He hasn't ordered it. We can't stay inside to much because the kids get bored. IDK! We want to do a holiday party w/ the kids.. but the manager has to ask the principal.. yah he still hasn't asked. He seriously is so lazy that it pisses me off. If you have any advice I would love it.
* My baby niece is turning 2 on Sunday! I can't believe how big she is turning. We are having her bday party at Dandy Bear!:)
*I have a friend who I have known since I was little, and he has a baby w/ a girl that I had problems with in highschool. His baby's bday is on Saturday. I never met the baby because of the baby mom. But my friend wants me to go, and the baby mom says she has no problem for me to go.. but what you guys think I should do?
* I have a friend who has a 5 month old little baby who I take care of a lot and I truly love him. What kind of activites can you do with a 5 month old?

This is all of my update!

CONGRATS to all you pregnant mommies!! Love you all!!

Oct. 16th, 2005



hey guys.. well monday i ended up going to the hospital cuz @ work i fell from the stairs @ work and i got on my shoulder a contussion and a sprainde arm. At first, my family was really nice about it. Now, my job is being a jerk. So my dads preparinf an auttorney. Just incase they try to play slick. I found a new job @ a daycare so hopefully i will get it. My arm slowly is getting better, and my shoulder also. Me and this guy arent to good he hasn't called me in a week.. for no reason what so ever. I am thinking about getting a tatoo.. an angel and on the wings my bestfriends name( if you guys dont know she passed away in june).Life is going good. I went to the kanye west concert.. super good!:)! He knows how to do performances. I havent told nobody but Tuesday I passed my restricted test. So my daddy is going to buy me a car. I was soo proud of myself. Even though I don't show it. Its just that im so shocked. Friday i took my senior pictures.. I can't believe im graduating! Wow. I been thinking if I am going to leave home. Whats going to happen. Tough decisions. My pictures came out so nice. The photographer showed me quickly. I cant wait to get it to show you guys. My weekend consisted of babysitting.. of 4 kids. It was worth it I made $6o. I am trying to save up money so when I come back from NY dec 20 I can go with my prima 2 North Carolina for 2 wks. Lets see. Well guys im off! Bye! MWAS!!

Jul. 2nd, 2005


Jacky's viewing ( wake )


I leave the house @ 5 to go pick up Rene. On the ride to the funeral home... we talked and listened to music. As soon as I got there.. we were 2 hrs earlier, because like Jacky is donating her organs.. she had to take them out and a bunch of other stuff. So finally, people start arriving. I talked to her ex boyfriend Carlos, then her mom comes and hugs me and I tell her if she ever needs anything I am here for her. Then, Nicole comes and her friends. After, Lymarie and the rest of the LD crew. Her mom started showing me her senior pictures. That was so sad! I tried to hold in my tears. They decided to do closed casket, because Jacky was to messed up. I also think its good because I mean I want to have a good memory of her.. not any ugly one. I walk in, and I see her mom sitting down crying so I hugged her mom and tryed to confort her. It was difficult. I cryed when she said " Jacky use to talk so much about you. She loved you a lot. You were a bestfriend to her. I know you loved her the same way ". I realized she is gone! :(! That was a horrible feeling. I hugged her parents, and told them I wanted pictures of Jacky. everybody hugged me and made me feel totally loved, like I am Jacky's bestfriend. I cryed a lot. I couldn't take anymore crying, so after 2 hrs in there I headed off home. It was really sad. It made me realize she's really gone. But she will always have a special place in my heart. I love her! I will be keeping in touch with her family. I am off guys! Talk to you all later.

Mar. 23rd, 2005


friends cut!!

tounge_ring _she_says_bella_couture ladii_d  lovewhispers 

mezmorize87 paulawantzyou realistic_mind

These people have not been commenting on my journal nor writing in their journals frequently. Please take mi off y0ur list als0!

Mar. 17th, 2005


(no subject)

I can't update much but Iam havinq s0o much fun here. It is 37 deqress. Not t0 cold! I <33 my qirls!!! If y0u quys wanna qet in c0ntact with mi just call my cell 786-3462119! I MISS U AND LOVE U ALL! My fo0d is ready s0 i q0tta q0!

Jan. 9th, 2005


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